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"Five disciplines of agile organizations" voted top idea in McKinsey Agility Hackathon

Excited to share that my submission on "the five disciplines of agile organizations" was voted last week as one of the top ideas in McKinsey's Agility Hackathon, a global community of business leaders convened to share best practices on agile organizations. You can see a video summary here, let me know if you'd like a copy of the full deck.

The Agility Hackathon was an outstanding experience, superbly led and facilitated by McKinsey. Hundreds of leaders participated, many of us contributing ideas in dozens of virtual working groups. Over several weeks, we heard from many CEOs and business leaders of global organizations making a serious commitment to becoming truly agile. We also generated dozens of world-class ideas, and formed a community of like-minded folks committed to evangelizing this powerful and exciting new organizational form.

McKinsey is certainly leading the way in catalyzing a hugely important and urgently needed transformation of industrial economy command organizations into digital economy agile organizations. The stakeholders of all these organizations, and society more broadly, will benefit enormously from the human passion, energy and ingenuity being unleashed by this transformation.

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