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To accelerate and sustain performance in today's VUCA environment, leaders must learn to design, build and lead agile organizations.  Open, human-centered and digitally-enabled, agile organizations are designed to succeed in today's digital economy. They are fundamentally different from the traditional command organizations with which we're all familiar, which were designed to succeed in the industrial economy. Compared with managing command organizations, leading agile organizations requires a more evolved consciousness - new values, mindsets and skillsets with which leaders can unleash the full potential of their organizations to impact the world. 

Whether focused on strategizing, operational problem-solving or learning, workshops offer a powerful and efficient vehicle to build capabilities in leading agile organizations. All workshops are custom-designed for clients and delivered onsite or at conference centers and other venues. Formats range from a half day to three days or more, and typically center on accelerating performance through addressing one or more critical business issues.

Here is a representative outline for a one-day workshop on Leading Agile Organizations:



  • Welcome and connect 

  • Review business issue/s and financial / operating performance

  • Introduce the five disciplines of agile organizations 


  • Explore issues through the lens of the five disciplines

  • Co-create options to enhance performance

  • Agree on a go-forward action plan

  • Revew and summary 

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