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Our leadership and organization effectiveness initiatives focus on delivering triple impact: building new individual and collective mindsets and skillsets; making critical refinements in strategy, organization and/or operations; and delivering measurable enhancements in organizational performance. For example:
  • The leadership team of a retailer, facing intense competition in its core business, focuses on partnering with store managers and associates to provide customers new levels of service, delivering a new customer experience that integrates with mobile and online channels
  • The leadership team of a pulp manufacturer, operating in a far more open and competitive global environment, focuses on engaging their supervisors and work crews in improving productivity, reducing costs and better meeting customer demand
  • The leadership team of a consumer products manufacturer, facing disruption by major social media companies, focuses on collaborating with their new product development teams to improve time-to-market, reduce costs, and improve customer adoption rates.
In every case, these leadership teams are focusing on the specific performance and results needed to execute their strategies. Moreover, they have recognized that their organizational performance reflects their individual and collective mindsets and behavior, as embedded in the architecture of the system that they design.
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